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Project Type I: Digital Transformation

Deep analysis of the client’s existing way of operational workflows, systems, & data (as-is) and the targeted improved capability (to-be). Solution is iterated to measure gains and ensure staff adoption. Prototypes are tested iteratively with users and developed into a deployable Pilot on the internal infrastructure whether on-prem or cloud. Pilot results will drive the final implementation, training, and support. Fully operational* in 12 months.

Project Type II: Tech Modernization

Modernization Delivery is a focus on the business return of a new technology that can be quickly implemented and deployed to drive positive impacts to the P&L. The rapid capability is designed to quickly bolt-on to existing/legacy systems. Full technical documentation, training, and support is provided. No significant changes are expected to occur in the work activities of staff. This is typically a cloud solution. Fully operational* in 6 months.

Project Type III: Data Mining/MDM

Data Mining provides you short-term answers from the world’s best analytics and cognitive engines and our data scientists.The results are provided in reports or interactive data warehouse 2-3 months. Data preparation service and Master Data Management is the harmonization of disparate databases to ensure meaningful analytics (optional MDM toolset available) 2-3 months.