Our Team

Link Parikh


Mr. Parikh is a high-technology innovator, engineer, scientist, and entrepreneur. Link started as an aerospace engineer on classified and unclassified research projects for the DoD in 1981 including advanced weapon systems design. With projects in all major services, many of the weapons platforms were airborne, including early research in unmanned vehicle systems. He then went on to advanced projects and missions at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center working with top engineers and scientist on the Hubble Space Telescope repair missions, Shuttle integration, Space Station, and astronaut procedures.

He was one of the early partners at Global Science and Technology, a systems - and research firm supporting NASA including work on applications on the very first web browser. In 1995, he started the advanced internet software company, Parikh Advanced Systems, a custom software and systems engineering company, the injected rational's software development process to achieve a 100% project success rate over its 7 years at government, Fortune 500, and innovative venture customers. He joined firms in a number of industries across supply chain, CPG, and IBM prior to starting Rocket Technology, Inc., with the vision of being a leader in AI and Collaborative Lifecycle Management. He also invented a series of new products and across electronics, healthcare, and STEM education in engineering, program management, business analysis, and sales.

Sean Hamilton, MD, PMP, PPE, ITIL, SFC, A+, SSGB

Executive Vice President

Sean Hamilton is a visionary with 27 years of management experience in government and international fortune 500 corporations, such as the Department of Health and Humans Services, Daimler Benz AG and Deutsche Telekom AG. Sean, as has extensive experience starting and running a business, he successfully founded an Austin based software and cyber company 8 years ago, that delivered enterprise level software applications and advanced security transformation services. He is a conversant leader that translates, security, artificial intelligence, data science and digital transformation strategies and concepts into operational programs, to achieve corporate and agency directives and objectives.

Sean is an expert in streamlining existing enterprise operations and cloud infrastructure and developing new strategic solutions customized to the enterprise’s unique needs. He has unique ability to grow and recruit industry leading subject matter experts and to forge strategic partnerships to provide a high-quality technology and business services ecosystem.

He thrives in complex and multi-faceted environments, where strategic targets and goals are constantly changing and evolving and where business goals realignment are based on actionable business intelligence and AI marketing research. Mr. Hamilton holds a degree in the health sciences as a medical doctor and a bachelor of science in business administration. He also holds numerous certifications in project management, Agile methodologies, total quality management, data science, and systems design. Sean Hamilton served his country with honor as a military intelligence officer deployed the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan and Africa.


Advanced Systems Engineering

Technical Leadership in Systems Engineering, Program Management, and Strategic Planning experience within the IBM Public Sector. Over twenty years of in management, program management, and technical leadership positions within the US Navy Acquisition community at SPAWAR Systems Center in San Diego. Expertise in international defense systems acquisition. Experienced in the use and application of current state of the art Model Driven Systems methodologies and tooling.


Clinical Integration

Experience in providing visionary leadership and effective administration in areas of strategic planning, program development, team building, operations, innovation, research and development. Extensive experience in surgical oncology; clinical and research leadership; student and resident education; and translational research. Builds effective and enduring international private-public partnerships based on mutual trust and shared vision to support cooperative multi-center clinical trials aimed at addressing relevant clinical needs. Executive education in General Management at the Harvard Business School (HBS).


Investments and Finance

More than 35 years of experience managing investment portfolios and assisting companies with capital needs. Founder/Owner of Ballardsville Investment Advisors. Former COO of Dominion Capital, investment arm of Dominion Energy. Member of Board of Directors of a dozen public and private companies across many sectors, including technology, bio-tech, pharma, waste management, and telecom.


Integrated DoD Strategy and Innovation

Performed systems design in the Rocket Technology support of LMI, Inc. and the Library of Congress development of an accessible solution for people with disabilities.


Principal Solutions Design and Integration

Advanced research, development, and implementation of solutions, system and software architecture, programming, technology, and the joy of innovation. Industries: Health Insurance, Financial Services, Telephony, Telecommunications, Medical Electronics, Automotive, Aircraft Navigational Systems, Nuclear Power Plant Control, Motion Control and Banking.


Strategic Planning

Keith, Past President/Leadership at Universities, team-building, coaching, sales growth, public/private partnerships, presentations on change, crisis management, succession planning, implementing the strategic plan, sustainability, emergency preparedness, right sizing the organization.


Industry Workforce Development and Talent Management

Business strategy, workforce development, talent acquisition, change management, process improvement, and community outreach and engagement to help organizations and people overcome their operational and situational challenges. Large firm consulting experience in both government and commercial sectors. Manufacturing management and industrial experience in the semiconductor industry. Board member, Richmond Society of Human Resource Management (RSHRM).