Guarantee fast execution of Programs. Be Executive of the Year

Solution 1: EMMS
Ecosystem Management & Modeling Solution: Hyper-Speed to Market™ for 300% Faster Delivery of systems and software programs

“It’s starts like a stock trade station. I can see every program, project, & activity and drill down. It then remotely collaborates all performers with process automation & change management to speed my strategic initiatives 3X.- CEO

Reason to act

Competition and complexity are rising. Our Clients needed to move forward fast without more cost. Customers experienced reduced time to develop capabilities by 66% and a 57% development cost reduction.

What you get for “no money down and 3-day start”. Buy Now Here.

  • Single Platform for Command & Control of your Project, Program, Portfolio to drive 3X Speed & Precision.

  • Full Visibility down to the task level to who and where you allow access: managers, staff, and contractors.

  • Remote collaboration across your teams, assets, and activities linking needs, justifications, requirements, design, change management, project management, and testing with full agility.

  • Single management layer over the portfolio and all your legacy systems to avoid paperwork, administrative tasks, and inaccurate data for staff work and decision-making

  • Connect your existing legacy systems, internal databases, and external data and link to activities to drive governance and alignment to policies automatically.

  • Reduce the time to perform change management 95% with automated change and approval flows, “n”-number of levels for analysis and recommendations, and automatic reverts to previous versions.

  • Integrate model-based systems engineering with live models that can offer instant impact analysis on requirements, operations, organizations, systems, staff, and other projects.

Enhancement Option: Add live, modeling for impact analysis, change management, analysis of alternatives, and decision-support. Modeling is now available for instant answers from a single picture.

“We can use advanced intelligence in every departmentand program. I am enjoying leading my rivals.”

Solution 2:
Wide-Area Data Insights for Social Insights and Data Discovery. Gain knowledge & intelligence critical for decision-making

“We can get feedback from both social discussions and many data sources so that we can predict potential outcomes to help me make decisions.”

– EVP, Senior Healthcare Executive

Names IBM Watson Discovery a leader in AI search in The Forrester Wave™ Cognitive Search Q2 2019" report.

IBM was named a ‘Leader’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines 2019 market research report.

What you get for “no money down and 3-day start”. Buy Now Here.

  • Social listening, live news, and large data services to see what people are saying about you, your organization, your products and service performance.

  • Get actionable business insights gleaned from your vast data investments and vendors and customers.

  • Get improvements in customer or patient satisfaction, and higher operational performance ratings.

  • Get decision support through intelligence gathering and disinformation analysis on social networks to counter propaganda or negative news.

  • Use ML and DEEP LEARNING WITH WATSON and other open source tools (completely flexible) to predict the future of your product, market, or organization and make adjustments.

  • Use pre-built models to automatically run operational activities and administrative tasks such as invoicing, and payments, predictive equipment maintenance, and performance rating feedback.

Live Demo of Social Listening Tool
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Enhancement Option:
Enterprise data science Platform ensuring governance of data scientists, processes, tools, and models in any language you choose. Get access to Watson Deep learning to find unknowns and predict outcomes.

Innovation Delivery

Rocket Garage – A Virtual Innovation Show:

1. Air mobility, routing, and transporation infrastructure
2. Simple dermal trauma pain elimination
3. Artificial Intelligence
4. Entrepreneurial and innovation platform
5. Space systems integration and efficiency
6. VR/AR for products, operations, education
7. Sustainment ecosystem modernization
8. Consumer consumable product innovations
9. Cybersecurity modeling and audit innovations
10. Decision support interactive AI for CEO and Boards

Additional training classes, modeling, MBSE expertise, data scientists, workforce skills support, tutorials, SME seminars and advisory, boot camps, Cloud migration, hyper-converge, virtualization, and specialty short-term services. Generally, pricing fits under corporate purchase card maximums. Long-term services available.