"This could be the best Non-Traditional provider of a business-focused speed-to-market in engineering delivery organizations." - PM, Interoperability

Are you able to achieve new mandates without new budget: integrated engineering and program management, MBSE, interoperability, innovation injection, AI readiness, open source cybersecurity, and remote workforce management with FULL ADOPTION?

Can you use solutions at 15% the cost of large vendors with 100% success rate?


Engineering Speed

Integrated Engineering Lifecycle, MBSE


"We need to boost Program speed and precision 300%, lower rework, and lower costs to remain competitive. We must have interoperable, model-based systems design management that is adopted by our remote working staff. We need a discrete plan that can be executed quickly and reliable support.


"Our Programs struggle and we will not be competitive without integrrated engineering teams and targeted achievement of incoming mandates.

AI Readiness

AI Readiness, Speed-to-Discovery


"We must speed our innovation and AI readiness into our way of doing business. We must access unstructured data oceans to acheive insights for speed, safety, and innovation that allows all our partners to contribute."


"The cost of human error, lack of optimization, and resulting impact is no longer acceptable. We need a fast answer and continous operations."


Innovation Development and Injection


"We seek new IP from an R&D partner to surpass our competitors, including engineers with new ideas and university & industry partnerships."


"We must innovate from within and create an 'innovation engine' to defeat rising competition, cost restrictions, and regulatory changes. We need an innovation general contractor to integrate and implement from a number of vendors. Speed, precision, and adoption is vital to us."



Cybersecure Software and Devices


"New federal mandates will require signatures from all DoD particpants to certify their cybersecure deliveries. How is this possible without a reliable platform to ensure continous clean code from open source downloads, alterations, and custom code?"


"There is enterprise-level financial risk to every delivery organization across government, primes, subcontractors, and manufacturers using vulnerable devices and delivering vulnerable code."


Why us?

Non-Traditional, not coin-operated. 1. UP IN DAYS, 2. Operating fully in 6 months, 3. Our 20-year-proven adoption model by a dedicated support team, 4. Partnered solutions lowers your risk below large RFP bidders. 5. We are former NASA, DoD, and Fortune 500 engineers with a passion for your business optimization.


We turn 20th Century Executives into 21st Century Industry Leaders.

Isn't it true that not moving forward is a greater risk than expecting different results from the same ecosystem? Who will Lead? Why not You?

Ask your assistant to request an appointment at info @rocket-technology.com to speak with an executive to jointly determine if there is an alignment.