Get Speed with Systems Engineering & Governed AI

Executives are quickly bringing in #1 solutions and enjoying a proven, high-speed, low-cost modernization program we call DOPPIOS, giving you 85% less cost.


Digital Engineering & MBSE

Integrated Digital Engineering & MBSE


"We must have online, collaborated, and integrated ecosystem management and modeling of our product life cycle with live digital threads across requirements, architecture, changes, and test procedures."


"We need to dramatically boost the speed and accuracy of our project and engineering decisions to drive precision delivery, innovation, lower rework, and reduce operating costs to remain competitive and relevant."

AI Governance for Business

AI Governance and Decision Optimization


"We must speed our innovation and AI readiness into a new, normal way of doing business. We must be able to gain insights and predictivity and be able to make tradeoffs to drive decision optimization at the desk and in the field."


"We must have a governed AI ecosystem solution that helps us collaborate across business teams and maintain control of our models, reduce bias, and ensure that the results lead to decision optimization for the workforce."


Innovation Development and Injection


"With so many inventions and products of interest, we needed a project management and integration company to help us manage, deliver, and operate innovation projects to achieve expected performance."


"We must innovate continuously to defeat rising competition and cannot afford to wait for a DIY project or RFP process. We need a partner to help us continually creating new customer features."


Secure software and devices

Secure Software and Devices


"Open Source penetrations have increased 742% just in the last year. We must resolve risks in our software bill of materials as we are liable for our delivered products. We need one SBOM solution and continuous support."


"75% of software will eventually fail. We have a huge risk that could become financially catastrophic. Manufacturers, contractors, and agencies must reduce open source code and AI model risk today."


Why us?

We are former NASA, DoD, and Fortune 500 engineers with a passion for business optimization. Executives ask us for rapid and continuous innovation and modernization, not big-bang projects that take years. They enjoy the achievement of a low TCO which is often 15% traditional consulting firms.

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