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How are C-Levels achieving high speed-to-market & low time-to-value...at $0 CAPEX?

An exciting integration of the #1 project lifecycle & #1 AI platform, each proven world-wide at customers like you.

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Government and Industrial Production


"We need to boost Program speed and precision 300%, lower rework, and deliver results from AI capabilities in months vs. years."


"Our Programs/Projects take too long, and our current approach creates rework and cost overruns. Our AI approach needs fast adoption at the desk-level, outsourced data mining services, and available data scientists."

Consumer Products, Healthcare, Marketing


"We must boost consumer ratings, lower costs, and predict future needs. We must gain new insights and optimized decision support."


"The cost of modernizations by integrators is unacceptable and we must pursue SaaS and cloud for remote access and collaboration. AI machine learning and deep learning must ensure competitive advantages in the marketplace for our staff, c-suite, field workforce, customers, and suppliers."

Innovation Acquisition


"We seek new IP from an R&D partner for our mid-term plans including engineers with new ideas and university & industry partnerships."


"We must innovate from within and create an 'innovation engine' to defeat rising competition, cost restrictions, and regulatory changes. A menu of new innovations from an independent R&D lab could also be very attractive."

We turn 20th Century Managers and staff to 21st Century Leaders and teams.

We are former NASA, DoD, and Fortune 500 engineers with a passion for business optimization.

Ask your assistant to request an appointment at info @rocket-technology.com to speak with an executive to jointly determine if there is an alignment.